We’ve recently implemented workspaces so Tinybird users can work with other developers and data engineers and collaborate in their real-time analytics projects.

It is rare for engineers to work alone on large data projects. And often each of them will work on more than one data project at a time. With workspaces, you can now control who has access to which workspace, and to the Data Sources and Pipes within those.

You will have your own personal workspace as part of your account, and from then on, as a Tinybird user:

  • When using the UI, you will find the workspaces you have access to (including yours) on the left side of the screen. From there, you will be able to switch to or manage different Workspaces.
  • When using the CLI tool (version 1.0.0b16), you will be prompted to a Workspace selector when you login to your account. Learn more about how to switch between and manage workspaces in our docs.
  • For our public APIs, workspaces are transparent, you just need to ensure the Auth tokens you use have the right scope to access the Data Sources or Pipes you need.

When you invite a user to a Workspace they will automatically get read/write permissions to every Data Source and Pipe that lives within it. If you want to test something privately, you can always do it in your personal workspace.

We are very excited to see how our current users collaborate within the platform, we just can’t wait to see what’s next now that it’s easier than ever.