“I am a medical statistician. I’ve studied this stuff at university, done data analysis for decades, written several NHS guidelines (including one for an infectious disease), and taught it to health professionals. That’s why you don’t see me making any coronavirus forecasts.”

[RO] What is the most sophisticated piece of software ever written? Or how to sneak past every known digital defense, and to destroy your country’s nuclear bomb program, all without getting caught.

[RO] How to speed up LZ4 decompression in ClickHouse

[JS] One of the Sonic 3D developers explains how they managed to fit a 3D rendered video on a mega drive cartridge. His channel is full or videos with old school tricks.

“The infamous trade-off between people and GDP? It doesn’t exist—or, at least, it didn’t in 1918. The reason, Verner told me, is that pandemics are “so, so disruptive that anything that you can do to mitigate that destructive impact of the pandemic itself is going to be useful.” Without a healthy population, there can be no healthy economy.”

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