“Kids learn to make good decisions by making decisions, not by following directions”

I think the same approach should be used when new people join a company.

[JS] Facebook rewrites their messenger application using 20 years old techniques They use SQLite as the main shared storage to coordinate different parts of the application (instead of a store for each one). Are we going back to The Monolith client side? 😄

[GS] “Zoom, Shopify and Stripe are three fun examples of companies that were obviously impossible because the ‘tech giants can easily expand into new areas and squash competition’. And Zoom wasn’t even doing anything ‘new’. Combined value of $123bn.” via

[JS] Fantastic hands-on demo on how to create a virtual machine from scratch with python that is able to execute WebAssembly. Another presentation from @dabeaz: about hot to process data with generators. It’s 10 years old but the technique is more present than ever with all new (and old) languages adding generators.

Have a good weekend!