• · Conferences · By Javier Álvarez

    Tinybird at South Summit Madrid 2019

    We will be demoing Tinybird Analytics thanks to Google for Startups at South Summit Madrid, one of the best places to connect with other technology startups, investors and corporates.
  • · Databases, Clickhouse, Conferences · By Javi Santana

    ClickHouse Meetup Madrid videos

    Last April we had the pleasure to host the ClickHouse meetup in Madrid. Altinity’s team normally organize meetups in different cities where local developers talk about their experiences using the technology, to later have a session about the ClickHouse roadmap by Yandex and Altinity. As you might noted already, we are huge fans of ClickHouse (the core of Tinybird Analytics) and it’s awesome to be able to talk to the people behind the technology.


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