Some people argue software should be agnostic. They say it’s arrogant for developers to limit features or ignore feature requests. They say software should always be as flexible as possible. We think that’s bullshit. The best software has a vision. The best software takes sides. When someone uses software, they’re not just looking for features, they’re looking for an approach. They’re looking for a vision. Decide what your vision is and run with it. And remember, if they don’t like your vision there are plenty of other visions out there for people. Don’t go chasing people you’ll never make happy.

[JS] Instagram former CEO has created a blog to talk about his progress researching on data/machine learning and is writing about COVID19 from the data analysis point of view. All the articles are interesting but this one about estimating R0 is what I like more

[RO] SQL is a better API language than GraphQL. Convince me otherwise! — Simon Willison: creator of Datasette, co-creator of Django.

[JS] Another way to create programming languages using emoticons (only spanish)

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