Working with large amounts of data is challenging, but we believe it should not be complex. Everybody is waking up to data and its possibilities. We constantly hear from our customers and prospects how they are trying to “Democratize access to Data” across their organizations, how they want to enable their teams to make data driven decisions at will, to generate insights that will better inform their decisions.

And yet, every single one of them struggles to set it up. We see technical teams setting up virtual cathedrals to ingest, store, transform and query data; huge infrastructure setups in AWS or Google Cloud that are not only expensive to scale, they also require different roles to operate and maintain, but… What if you could get a huge datasource and start making real time queries right away? And what if you could turn any of those queries into an API endpoint, set permissions around it and start consuming them right away?

Instead of having to send your developers to decipher which is the right combination of services and what is the right order in which to set them up and at what cost, you could just tell them: ‘here, go build what we need!’

That’s our goal at Tinybird. We want to enable developers and data engineers to do what they do best: develop data intensive solutions without all the hassle; get insights from data in seconds, not in days.

We are working on a simple but powerful product to do just that. And because our goal is to help developers, we want to incorporate their feedback as soon as possible. During the next few months we will be running user testing with developers of all kinds and from different industries, so if you are a developer and any of this resonates with you, we would like to talk to you.

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